Stephanie Dosen – Independent Music Professional.

hi bill!!!! 😃

I’ve had such a hard time writing this testimonial because I just have so so so many good things to say!!!!! I get tears in my eyes every time I start writing. You really really were my saviour, I wouldn’t have recorded the album if it wasn’t for you.. and all those hours… the pop songs.. all of the editing. I don’t know how to even say it in words. I talk to Kevin about it all the time.. how MUCH you did for me, how GRATEFUL I am for you.. and how I could ever even thank you.

OK so I could obviously go on for a long time, and I have so many good memories of working so hard we would get silly, yes this is “take 254” of this one line, you really made it fun and I cant believe you put up with me!!!!!!!!

Some of my best memories in England are our recording sessions. SO much fun, and we really did make some awesome fucking pop songs I don’t give a fuck what anyone says 😃!!!!!!!

So here is my blurb, let me know if I went overboard or if you want more 🙂

I love recording with Bill! He has been my saviour when recording vocals for my albums.  He is a total pro who has been in this business a long time. He is enthusiastic, patient, understanding and totally dedicated to creating an environment where artists can get their best performance.  It’s never about the clock, it’s always about capturing the magic. I know there is a lot of priceless equipment in the studio, but Bill is always the most valuable thing in the room!


David “Pick” Withers – Independent Music Professional.

When I first recorded in a studio!
Engineers wore white coats and you wore your diffidence with a big cap on your head and you doffed it and did their bidding!
How times have improved my studio experience and Bill is a shining example of this.
Diligent unobtrusive long suffering of musicians vicissitudes, somehow able to capture sound with an unfussy manner, also a capable guitar player.
Which enables him to speak your language when, lets face it, those sessions hit an inevitable obstacle along the way.

I recommend him without reservation


Gary Fletcher – Independent Music Professional.

Simply the best studio engineer I have ever worked with! I’ve worked with him on albums by The Blues Band over several years and projects and his work has always been absolutely spot on. His accuracy and speed of working is always in tune with the pace of the session – whatever that might be. His command of the equipment he is using is complete to my eyes and ears and when I’ve worked on solo albums with him his production contribution has been invaluable. They don’t come any better!


Matt Forrest –  Director and Writer. B.A. Hons (first class) British Academy Award Winner. (multiple) Royal Television Society Award Winner (multiple).

I am delighted to write this testimony on behalf of Bill Gautier. For over twenty years I’ve worked with Bill, I’d like to say through the ups and downs but there are no downs. Professionalism, integrity and humour are his tools of trade. A trade which brought him clients seeking musical and sound solutions to the highest calibre of projects in both film and music. His acute and instinctive sense of exactly what is right has kept him to the fore. Bill’s endearing charm and determination has helped many directors through very long nights in recording studios.

When there are no words to tell a story, call Bill. His musical timing and inventive sound solutions have calmed countless producers and directors as they watch a scene come alive when they thought it would have to be buried. Legendary, is the only appropriate description of Bill Gautier and I for one look forward too many more years in his distinguished company.


Simon Raymonde – Owner and Managing Director of Bella Union Label.

Bill and I met in unlikely circumstances. On the day I moved into my new flat, Bill saw me struggling across the road with furniture. He helped me lifting cabinets, and a sofa that wouldn’t fit through the door. Within a few seconds we learnt that we were in the same business. Before long, I tried his studio out, and have rarely gone elsewhere since, and only then because I needed a big live room! Bill worked with some amazing people over the years like Mark Knopfler, Ridley Scott, etc. when he used to own and run big London commercial studios and yet now he has his own production studio, he can give the kind of service that is rare today. He can record bands, master, mix, edit, play keys or guitar, and has great ears. He has done a load of stuff for Bella Union, and we mixed the Lucas Renney album together in his studio for a month, which was great fun. My partner Stephanie who is in a band with me, Snowbird and sings with The Chemical Brothers, won’t sing with anyone else now!!


Ollie Usher – Sound Designer.

In the world of audio Bill achieved God-like status amongst his peers and envious competitors of which only a few were within touching distance.

It was a pleasure to have worked for him and to have had the opportunity to learn how it’s done from the best.


Gilly Tarrant – GTA Associates / Damage Management.

I have known Bill Gautier in a professional capacity for over 25 years.  His drive, enthusiasm, commitment, and professionalism in his field are second to none – and his talent even greater.

We have worked together on a variety of projects in the recording, music, film and advertising fields, and Bill’s remarkable knowledge, combined with a Master’s ear and eye, have produced stunningly effective results…..  causing, on a specific and difficult project, even Mark Knopfler to be impressed by Bill achieving what other World renowned, engineers had been unable to deliver.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bill in a professional capacity.

In addition to all of the above – he’s also an extremely nice person.


Kevin Hewitt – Director / Writer at Freelance.

Bill transcends the job description. He gives life to sound and genuinely adds another dimension to whatever he commits to working on. I’ve worked with this wonderful talented man many, many times on commercials and films, some of which were very stressful, with crazy deadlines or horrendous clients, and we always had fun and I always left with the elusive magic of profound skill wrapped around my work. Bill Gautier sits way above all others in his own world of extremely seductive talent. Unique.


Simon Bass – Composer.

I have known and worked with Bill Gautier in a professional capacity for many years. Bill has, for as long as I have known, him been at the pinnacle of Sound Engineering in London and a byword for professionalism and reliability.

I have used his facilities and services extensively over the years and will certainly continue to do so in the future as he would always be my first choice to work with. I could not imagine a more honest and straightforward man to do business with. In an industry, such as music and media, only the very best will do and Bill has always been the best.


Andrew Christie – Ex Business Partner / The Big Finish Group of Companies.

I have known Bill Gautier for twenty years or more.  We were colleagues and partners for eight years.

Bill is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and gifted sound engineer that I have had the pleasure of working with. In all that time working together, I never had a single occasion to doubt his integrity or commitment to his work. He remains, in my opinion, a perfect colleague, having the three main attributes that I seek in professional partners and colleagues:

He is very, very good at mixing sound and engineering in a studio

He is extremely hardworking and committed

He is honest

There is little more to add.


Wayne Pashley – Creative Director / Partner at Cheeky Communications.

I’ve worked with Bill on and off for umpteen years.

His industry knowledge and technical skill are second to none and sessions with him are always great fun and the work just seems to do its self.

Work with him if you ever get the chance.


Dave Kelly – Independent Music Professional.

I have known Bill Gautier professionally since 1990. He has worked with and for The Blues Band as a sound recording engineer and producer, also in both capacities with myself as a solo artist.

His expertise in the studio is second to none. As well as studio work he has recorded the band in live situations at indoor concerts and outdoor festivals including the Dire Straits Tour of 1992.

I have always found him very easy to deal with as he is absolutely honest and forthright in all our dealings.


Peter Dunkley – Advertising and Corporate Copywriter at Spitfire.

Bill combines a phenomenal technical knowledge with a great ear: he can hear how good your work could be, and then makes it happen. He’s also an all-round top bloke.


David Burgess – Managing Director / The Business Production Co Ltd.

Bill Gautier is without doubt in the forefront of sound mixers and audio designers in the UK.  His credits are too numerous to list but he has worked at the highest level of audio design working with the best directors, production companies and advertising agencies for over 30 years.

He has successfully launched companies and built outstanding teams of talented individuals with whom he has worked. His attention to detail is frightening, his ability to create mesmerising audio imagery is second to none.

He is also a very decent human being.


Nick Diss – Offline Editor / Cut and Run Asia.

I have worked with Bill many many times over the years on lots of high profile adverts and music projects, he is simply the guy you go to if you want the best results, Calm collected and with a fantastic ear, what more could you ask for.


Beverley Thornton – Freelance TV Producer.

I have known Bill Gautier for about 20 years and during that time have worked with him considerably.

When Bill was in the audio post production arena full-time he was, in my opinion and that of others, one of the best sound engineers in the business.  In a competitive market place, he was able to enjoy the position of many clients remaining solely loyal to him.

Bill was what we would call a ‘safe pair of hands’ and because of this had probably more repeat business than anyone else.  I always have the utmost confidence in his work and coupled with his pleasant and enjoyable personality he is always a joy to work with. He has been my first choice, as an engineer, for a long time and would be my first choice again.    


Jon Diamond – Owner Box Clever TV Ltd.

Bill is a great guy, really knows his stuff and gets the job done. I have worked with Bill over 25 years and he has mixed work for me that has been judged by the best and I mean the very top in the film, TV and Music business. Always up for a laugh but takes the job seriously.

Great results every time would thoroughly recommend him.




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